Celebrate July with the New Plexus XFactor™ Plus

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July 11, 2017

If the long summer days, family road trips, and lazy days at the beach don’t have you loving the summer, the new Plexus XFactor Plus™ will give you something to smile about.

Since launching XFactor Plus last month, the feedback we’ve received from Customers and Ambassadors has been nothing short of amazing. “It’s a product that’s in a class of its own and is significantly outperforming sales of the original XFactor,” said CMO Cindy Latham on the Second Half Kickoff Call.

All month long, we want to help you share some of that “amazing” with your Customers and Ambassadors. Here’s how.

New Shareables

Want to say even more about XFactor Plus? We added new shareables in your Back Office that are focused on how XFactor Plus helps reduce some menopause symptoms. * Best of all, the new shareables are compliant and include words you can say to help build your business.

Updated Product Information Sheet

Last week we updated the Product Information Sheet for VitalBiome™, Slim, TriPlex, Pro Bio 5, and XFactor Plus. The updates include clinical study references, as well a suggested use on how and when to take Plexus products.

“What’s Your XFactor” Social Media Giveaway

Is it your quiet charm? Or your unstoppable will power? Maybe your charitable endeavors are what gives you that certain “je ne sais quoi.” Our new social media contest gives you and your customers a chance to score a free bottle of the new XFactor Plus. Head over to the Plexus Worldwide Facebook page to learn more.

Customer Awareness

Last week we sent an email to Customers introducing them to the new XFactor Plus. In the coming weeks, we will be launching targeted promotions designed to help get non-XFactor Plus customers to start experiencing its amazing benefits. Stay tuned for an email later this month with more information on this promotion, as well as a list of targeted Customers who will receive the promotion.

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