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July 11, 2017

As a Plexus business owner, one of your most powerful tools for growing your business is testimonials. Prospective Customers and Ambassadors want to see examples of how Plexus can improve their health and happiness. But, do you ever wonder what you are allowed to say, and what you should avoid? Our new Plexus Compliance Guide is your answer.

We are pleased to introduce two new resources from our Compliance team. These resources are designed for you and your Ambassadors and are geared towards explaining how to make claims about your Plexus business in an easy to understand guide.

Compliance Quick Tips Guide

This new one-page document provides you with tips on how to advertise the Plexus opportunity and products. Inside, you’ll find quick tips about product claims, weight-loss claims, and income claims.

A Guide to Plexus Disclaimers

Do you ever wonder when, where, and especially why a disclaimer is needed? This tool is designed to help you navigate the tricky waters of Plexus disclaimers.

You’ll find specific information about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) disclaimer, Slim and Triplex Weight Loss Disclaimers, Income Disclaimer, and a Mixed Disclaimer use. Also, we break down each disclaimer to describe its purpose and illustrate when you should them.

How to Get the New Compliance Guide

The new Quick Tips Guide and Compliance Guide will be available soon in your Back Office. However, we have included the guides below for easy reference.

Plexus Compliance Quick Tips

A Guide to Plexus Disclaimers

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