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August 9, 2017

Each month, Plexus® focuses on a different product to highlight the incredible lineup of Plexus products. Our goal is to spotlight new shareables, learn more about product ingredients and offer unique incentives for your Customers.

So, without further ado, let’s explore one of our newest products, VitalBiome.

About VitalBiome

Plexus VitalBiome was launched at the 2017 Believe Convention, and so far it’s been one of our best sellers. Plexus VitalBiome is a revolutionary probiotic supplement with clinically demonstrated ingredients that help improve your health and mood.*


We know how much you love our shareables, and we have plenty of VitalBiome shareables in your Back Office. If you’ve never browsed our VitalBiome shareables, you’re missing out because we provide:

  • VitalBiome product information sheet
  • Digital brochure
  • Social Media graphics to help you share VitalBiome
  • Compliant talking points with things you are allowed to say about VitalBiome

Your Shareables library is easy to access. Simply log into your Back Office, then select Tools, then Shareables. Next, on the left-hand side, select Categories, then Products.

Finally, select VitalBiome next to Filters.

Customer Awareness

We get it. You love Plexus products, so wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to contact those Customers who have never tried VitalBiome?

Next week, we plan to send an email to all Customers introducing them to VitalBiome. Then, later in August, we will be launching a targeted promotion designed to help get your non-VitalBiome customers to start experiencing its amazing benefits.

Watch your email later this month for more information on this exciting promotion, as well as a list of targeted Customers who will receive this promotion.

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