Lexi Tip of the Week: Building New Ambassadors

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August 30, 2017

Sharing health and happiness with others can be a thrill! However, this thrill can erode over time without social support. There are two things to remember as you support your new Ambassadors while they begin their Plexus journey.

First, it’s important to set the right pace. The natural tendency of all people is to overestimate themselves. People tend to dream faster than their feet can move. This can be a challenge because if a person takes off at too fast of a pace, they may be on track to burn themselves out.

Keep your Ambassadors motivated by helping them set the right pace. To find that pace, try asking your new Ambassadors how much time they are able to commit each week to building their business. If they want to invest an hour or more each day, you might suggest a “Sprinting” pace. If they only have 20 minutes a day, you might consider a “Running” pace. If they have less time than that, you might suggest a “Walking” pace.

With Lexi by Plexus™, you can easily set the pace for your Ambassadors by choosing a Sprint, Run, or Walk track to train them as they start their Plexus business.

Helping your new Ambassadors set a sustainable pace is our first recommendation to helping them succeed.

Next, don’t let your new Ambassadors start out feeling alone. Get involved. Starting a new adventure can be intimidating. Show them how to accomplish their work.

Use Lexi’s Ambassador training tracks to help you be involved. In these tracks, Lexi will let you know when to reach out to your Ambassador to support their training.

Right now, take a moment to assess how you’re doing in these two areas. If you have room to improve, let Lexi help you. Lexi not only helps you build your team with less time and effort, Lexi helps you build your team the right way.

Use Lexi to help your team succeed out of the gate.

Lead on!

The Lexi by Plexus Team

posted 3 months ago

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