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September 7, 2017

At Convention, we launched ASPIRE, a brand-new personal development curriculum created exclusively for Plexus Ambassadors.

We loved seeing your excitement at the launch, and knowing that so many of you started using it right away – on your own, and with your teams!

ASPIRE is built on the six principles of Accountability, Support, Productivity, Inspiration, Resiliency and Engagement, and delivers powerful personal development lessons and activities in each of those topics!

Powered by the world’s largest digital library – Success on Demand – ASPIRE curates the content that’s just right for each topic, and launches new lessons in each of the six pillars every quarter.

There’s so much exciting new content coming! Series 2 will launch on October 1, so please log on today and make sure you experience everything Series 1 has to offer.

Just go to the Training tab in your Back Office, then select Success on Demand then ASPIRE and get started today!

Watch below to learn more from our Vice President of Ambassador Education Mary Ann Luciano and two of our wonderful Diamond Ambassadors, Sara Marble and Jennifer Leath!


posted 3 months ago

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