Rank Up Roadmap™ – Road to Senior Gold Has Arrived

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September 28, 2017



You focused your time this summer going Silver and maybe even Gold. Now’s the time to stretch even further and go for Senior Gold! These new trainings include tools and resources that have been shared by Ambassadors who have been in your shoes and mapped out their plan to Senior Gold.

What will you discover in Rank Up Roadmap™ – Road to Senior Gold?

  • Plexus resources
  • What you need to go Senior Gold
  • Tips to manage your time
  • Worksheets and activities
  • And, steps for your success!

Where can you find this amazing training?

If you’re a Gold looking to go Senior Gold dive in and access the “Road to Senior Gold” training by visiting your training center within your Back Office. Now is the time.  You got this!

posted 2 months ago

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