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October 5, 2017

This month we are featuring one of our favorite products.

Plexus MegaX is the plant-based Omega that contains a full spectrum of Omega fatty acids. MegaX delivers the heart-healthy benefits of Omega-3, but without the unpleasant fishy aftertaste.*

Goodbye fishy burps!

In today’s Plexus Way, we wanted to hightlight some of the features and benefits of MegaX that you can share with your Customers and Ambassadors.

Features and Benefits

When sharing information about Plexus products, it’s important that you use only the approved statements listed on the Plexus website, Facebook page and Shareables. If a product statement includes an asterisk (*), it means the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) disclaimer is applicable.

To learn more about the purpose of the FDA disclaimer, check out our Guide to Plexus Disclaimers.


  • Provides support for a healthy heart*
  • Supports healthy lipid levels already in the normal range*
  • Provides support for brain health*
  • Helps with stress management*


  • Easy to swallow and no fishy aftertaste
  • Contains AHIFLOWER® Oil which contains Omega-3 stearidonic acids
  • Sustainable and renewable
  • Concentrated plant-based Omega-3 without contaminants, mercury from fish, or PCB’s
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO

What sets Plexus MegaX apart from the rest?

This is a typical question you may receive from a potential Customer or Ambassador. The answer to this question, along with many others are available on the MegaX product page of Plexus Worldwide.

Just like features and benefits, when sharing FAQs, if you notice the asterisk (*) next to a statement, you must include the FDA disclosure when sharing those FAQs.

So, what does set Plexus MegaX apart from the rest? Below is the answer we have listed on the MegaX product page:

Unlike most supplements, Plexus MegaX is the complete omega product, delivering the full range of omegas. Plexus MegaX has no fishy aftertaste, thanks to its identity-preserved AHIFLOWER® Oil. This effective source of SDA, which converts to EPA, is a first-rate alternative to omegas derived from fish. AHIFLOWER® Oil is sustainable and renewable, serving as a preferred omega source without contributing to overfishing concerns. AHIFLOWER® Oil’s propriety Crop Assured 365® quality assurance methods ensure that it’s the real thing and not a GMO.

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