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October 5, 2017

With the new year approaching, we are providing you with the necessary tools for you to start rockin’ your business.

By working Consistency Club, you could also earn the Plexus Custom Planner this month.

In order to reach Club 500 you will need to:

  • Personally Sponsor 2 New Preferred Customers with an initial order over 75 PV
  • Personally Sponsor 2 New Ambassadors with a Welcome Pack Purchase

You will not only be achieving Club 500 in the month of October, but will also earn the Plexus Custom Planner. This is the perfect tool to help you organize and grow your business!

Club 500 is the best way to have a balanced business by equally enrolling new Ambassadors and Customers within your business.

Put your teams into action by using the October Power Plan!

So, get out there! Start now! Stay strong and earn Club 500 and your Plexus Custom Planner!

Consistency Club Flyer

posted 2 months ago

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