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October 12, 2017

Did you know you can modify your Lexi signature? Lexi by PlexusTM acts as your personal Virtual Assistant. Emails and texts have been created to include your personal signature. However, you can edit your signature to let your Connections know these messages come from your Virtual Assistant, Lexi.

And, it’s super easy to set up. All you need to do is modify your Preferences.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Preferences by clicking on the Main Menu bar in the top left hand corner of Lexi. Here are IOS and Android directions.
  2. Modify your Preferences using one of the following options:

OPTION 1: In the Signature Name, type “(your first name)’s Virtual Assistant.” Then your email salutations would read something like this:

                                Best wishes, Bill’s Virtual Assistant

OPTION 2: In the Signature Name type “(your first name), sent via my Virtual Assistant.” Then the email salutations would read something like this:

                                       Best wishes, Bill sent via my Virtual Assistant

Note: These approaches will also update your Signature Name in text messages. This has the potential to make text messages long and split into two messages.

After you save, your messages will include this new update. Just be aware that the changes will only be applied to tracks started after the change is saved.

Also, the Lexi team is working on adding a Signature Name field to every text that is sent to your Connections. Please take the time to update your preferences with the signature you’d like to display in the text messages and emails sent via Lexi.

Here’s something you may not know about Lexi. Each track has been reviewed by the Plexus Compliance Department. You can feel confident with the careful wording Lexi provides.

Every Track, including all claims, have been approved by Compliance. However, for any messages you edit, you are liable for the new content. Therefore, if you feel concerned that the Lexi messages don’t sound like you, it’s safer to change the Signature Name than to make lots of time-consuming edits that may not be compliant.

Work safely and simply with this new method.

posted 2 months ago

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