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October 19, 2017

It has been a very exciting year, filled with great information and in this week’s Plexus Way, we would like to highlight some of our Ambassador’s favorite Plexus Ways topics.

Write a Great Testimonial:

What better way to advertise your business than by using the resources you have. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to share your personal story and let customers know what impact Plexus products have had on you. This article highlights some tips on how to create and share your testimonial and how to keep it compliant.

New Plexus® Compliance Guide:

Have you heard! The Plexus Compliance team recently released some helpful tools to help guide you through some common compliance questions. To check out the Compliance Quicks Tip Guide and A Guide to Plexus Disclaimers, click below.

Learn How to Make an Income Claim                            

The FTC plays a significant role in protecting consumers, and they provide some easy guidelines about making income claims. To learn about income claims and see some examples, click below.

Advertising on Social Media

Social media is such an essential tool for Ambassadors to share their business. Learn some best practices on how you can advertise your Plexus business on social media.

What is Dysbiosis?

Moodiness, bloating, feelings of anxiety and bad breath can all be signs of Dysbiosis. Check out the link below to learn more about Dysbiosis, what causes it and how Plexus gut health products can help.

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