Introducing the New XFactor Kids™ Children’s Chewable

October 26, 2017

Have you heard? An amazing new product was added to the Plexus family: XFactor Kids! This revolutionary 2-in-1 kid’s multivitamin/probiotic takes the stress out of keeping your kids healthy. XFactor Kids provides essential nutrition for healthy growth, supports strong immune and digestive systems, and healthy brain function.* Plus, it’s delicious! XFactor Kids tropical splash flavor … Continued

Additional XFactor Kids Training with Lexi

XFactor Kids product training is here! Want to know more about our exciting new children’s chewable? You have access to some amazing product resources that you definitely want to put into your toolbox. XFactor Kids Product Training Video Listen in on an interview with Plexus’ Chief Marketing Officer, Cindy Latham, as Plexus Ambassador, Aimee Darling, … Continued

Meet the New Fall Plexus Product Catalog

Hot off the press! Our new Fall 2017 Plexus Product Catalog is now available for you to explore the latest product updates from Plexus. Inside, you’ll find information about the newest addition to the Plexus family, XFactor Kids™. Additionally, the fall product catalog includes updated package branding as well as a delicious Plexus 96® recipe … Continued

New Plexus VitalBiome™ Bottle

In June, we launched our revolutionary probiotic VitalBiome. Since then, we’ve sold more than 370,000 bottles and helped people improve their health and happiness along the way. We designed VitalBiome to deliver maximum benefits using clinically studied probiotic strains, our delayed release capsule and bottle which protects the probiotics from moisture. Our sales have outstripped … Continued

The Plexus Way: How to Share New Product Information

Share, share, share! Post, post, post! Last week at Empower Leaders Retreat, CMO Cindy Latham launched Plexus XFactor Kids™, the newest product to join the Plexus family. If you were there, you remember the electric feeling of the ballroom when the new product was launched. In this week’s Plexus Way, we wanted to share some … Continued

International Expansion – What It Can Mean for You

Get excited! International expansion is a fantastic opportunity for all. International growth can bring amazing opportunities for your personal development and your business. Here are just some of the advantages that it could bring to you: Travel & Adventure: International expansion is the perfect chance to get out and travel. Make it a business trip … Continued

New Diamond Documentaries Just Released

If you’re looking for inspirational stories to fuel your day, look no further than to our Plexus Recognition website! Our Diamond Documentaries spotlight Ambassadors who climbed the ranks to become a Plexus Diamond. Our heartfelt and inspiring documentaries will make you laugh and cry as you listen to real stories of Plexus Ambassadors. New/Updated Documentaries … Continued

Plexus® Weekly Leader Board: October 15 – 21, 2017

Congratulations to the Ambassadors below who enrolled the most Customers and Ambassadors, and had the most Business Building Bonuses last week. Check out the list to see if you or someone on your team made the list! Weekly Leader Board for the week of October 15 – 21, 2017: Top 20 Preferred Customer Enrollments 1) … Continued