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October 26, 2017

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Last week at Empower Leaders Retreat, CMO Cindy Latham launched Plexus XFactor Kids™, the newest product to join the Plexus family. If you were there, you remember the electric feeling of the ballroom when the new product was launched.

In this week’s Plexus Way, we wanted to share some tips about how you can share a new Plexus product, such as XFactor Kids, with your Customers and Ambassadors.

Plexus Shareables

If you haven’t explored the Shareables library in your Back Office, you’re missing out!

With every new product launch, we stock your Back Office full of fun and informational shareables designed to help you grow your business. Shareables include:

How to Share

This shareable is your go-to. The How to Share document includes resources on how to share a new product on Social Media, ideas for your personal messages, developing your product story and gives you sample conversation starters.

Digital Brochure

Our digital brochure is an easy to follow guide you can use to introduce a new product to your potential Customers. The brochure includes product features and benefits, as well as reasons why the product should be added to their daily regimen.

Product Information Sheet

What’s in a product? The product information sheet outlines the ingredients in Plexus products so your Customers know exactly what they’re getting. Plus, the product information sheet includes recommended dosages and commonly asked questions and answers.

Plexus Product Page

The product page of the Plexus website provides product features and benefits, label information, and frequently asked questions. The product page always includes the most up-to-date product claims that you can use.

As a reminder, when sharing features and benefits, as well as product claims with Customers and Ambassadors, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) disclosure is required each time you see an asterisk.

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