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November 9, 2017

While expanding your network is important for your Plexus business, it doesn’t always come naturally. Even the most social of butterflies can run into roadblocks or question where they go next to meet potential customers.

This is where power prospecting can come into play. Power prospecting is reaching out of your warm market to connect with people you’ve never met before. As you practice getting out of your comfort zone to talk to new people, you will find it gets easier and discover more networking possibilities.

Talk to strangers

Talking to people is part of your lifestyle. You surround yourself with people on a regular basis who may be looking for ways to reach their health goals or earn some additional income. It could be an acquaintance at the gym or someone in line at the grocery store. Make an effort to start up a casual conversation and see where it leads.

Join social media groups

Many top Plexus Ambassadors found one of the best ways to expand their network is through social media. Join social media groups or online communities that interest you to meet new people. Comment on people’s posts and start building relationships.

Set prospecting goals

How many new people will you reach out to this week? Where do you plan to meet new acquaintances? Make it a goal to talk to three new people you don’t know each day. Then, make it a goal to talk to five new people each day about Plexus. Write down your goals and map out your steps to put the plan into action.

Before you know it, you will have a larger network and bustling social calendar filled with opportunities to share Plexus.

For more tips on power prospecting, download the Power Prospecting sheet that is found under Rank Up Roadmap – Road to Ruby in the training section of your Virtual Office.

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