The Plexus Way: What You Can Say About Plexus® and Pregnancy

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November 9, 2017

Have you wondered what you can say about Plexus and pregnancy? Wonder no more! In this week’s Plexus Way, we put together a few talking points about what you can say (and what you should avoid saying).

Everybody’s body is different

Healthy eating, good exercise, and vitamins and supplements can certainly have great benefits for yourself and your baby during pregnancy. Supplements that contain vital vitamins and minerals can help cover nutritional gaps in your diet.

TIP: When considering supplements, including all Plexus products during pregnancy, you’ll always want to check with your doctor or physician first. Since all of our bodies are different, your physician will be the best person to recommend what you should take throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Perhaps you or someone you know has said, “My doctor said it’s safe to take certain Plexus products during my pregnancy. Can I share that information?”

The short answer is Yes – but, it’s necessary to make sure other potential Customers know they must always check with their physician first. You could say:

“My doctor approved me to take Plexus products during my pregnancy. But, they may not be right for you. Since everyone’s body is different, check with your doctor first to see if it’s okay.”

Things to Avoid

You’ll want to avoid statements saying, “It was my easiest pregnancy because of Plexus”, “Plexus will help with prenatal or postnatal care, or will help you conceive,” or even “Plexus increased my milk supply.” A common question we receive is, “This really happened to me, how come I can’t share this information?”

The answer is that these statements cannot be substantiated. To learn more about product substantiation, check out our Plexus Compliance Tips video.

In summary, when considering supplements (including Plexus products) during pregnancy, always check with your doctor or physician or doctor first. Head over to the product page of the Plexus website to learn more about ingredients and labels for all Plexus products.

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