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November 9, 2017

Your new corner office has arrived in style!

We are pleased to introduce your new Virtual Office, now available for all Ambassadors. You can think of your Virtual Office as your one-stop hub for everything Plexus, including a wide range of new My Business Reports, Training Center, Incentives & Recognition, and an expanded Shareables Library.

Additionally, we have introduced a fresh shopping experience for you and your Customers.

As you begin to explore your new Virtual Office, we want to highlight some resources you might enjoy:

Training Center: Resource Library

This section includes links to your Digital Success Kit, Opportunity Presentation, updated Product Price list, the Plexus Way, and more. Previously, these items were found in the Library of your Back Office.

Sharing Plexus

You’ll find your favorite Plexus shareables in this section. We’ve organized your new Shareables Library by Promotions, Products, and Tools. We’ve also categorized our Shareables to be country-specific.

Ambassador Help Center

Need some assistance navigating the Virtual Office. Our new Help Center is designed to answer any questions you may have about the new Virtual Office. We have more than 30 training videos that help walk you through all aspects of your new Office.


User Voice

Are you having an issue? We are committed to making the transition to your new Virtual Office easy, and User Voice is the best way to submit your feedback. Our team reads every post to address everything as soon as possible. Not having an issue? See what other Ambassadors are saying about the new Virtual Office!


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