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November 16, 2017

Believe it or not, it’s already mid-November. Tis the season for crisp cool air, pumpkin spice everything, and the holiday season.

For many of us, November and December usually call for spending time with friends and family. There will be laughter, new memories, decorating, and of course, lots of food.

According to one source, the average American could consume more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat during a typical holiday gathering.[1]

Many people will find themselves sitting down for dinner, gazing at a juicy turkey just pulled from the oven, or ready to conquer a plate of yams oozing with marshmallows on top. Tough to resist.

The holiday season also makes for a perfect time to introduce new Customers to Plexus Block™. This week, we share some ideas on how you can promote Block around the holidays.

Blocking 48% of your meal*

A common misconception of Plexus Block is this:

“Let’s say you have two full portions of Grandma’s famous mashed potatoes. Before dinner, you took two capsules of Plexus Block. Does that mean you really only had one plate of stuffing?”

Nope. You had two plates. Stating that Plexus Block will block half of what you eat (such as, 4 cookies + 2 Block capsules = 2 cookies) would be misleading to the consumer. Here’s why.

Plexus Block is clinically-tested to block up to 48% of the carbs and sugars during digestion.* Here is what you could say:

“I want you to try Plexus Block before dinner. Two capsules will block up to 48% of the carbs and sugars in your meal.”*

So, when you eat two plates of Grandma’s famous mashed potatoes, you are eating two plates. Plexus Block will help block up to 48% of the carbs and sugars during your meal. Also, remember one of the great benefits of Block is that it won’t block the absorption of beneficial nutrients.

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