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November 22, 2017

Tis’ the season for sharing your love of Plexus Block with family and friends. Just in time for holiday feasting, Lexi by PlexusTM has released a Block Customer Track and a Block Prospect Track!

Now with these new Tracks, you can easily educate your friends, family, and connections about Plexus Block™. Lexi will help you share awesome Plexus resources that support a healthy lifestyle!

People are surrounded by foods that are high in sugar and carbs…especially during the holidays. And, while eating healthy can be a challenge, Plexus Block is designed to block up to 48% of the absorption of carbs and sugars during digestion. Talk about a huge win for health and happiness!*

The benefits of Block aren’t just limited to its physical benefits. Block has helped people feel less guilty about eating. That can do a lot to improve the happiness in others!

SO, let’s spread the message. Tell your family, friends, and connections about this amazing product. Use Lexi by Plexus to spread the message of health and happiness this holiday season!

For Lexi by Plexus suggestions or questions, contact the Plexus Training & Development team at

Note: If you are a Lexi user and you want a refresher on how a Track works, visit the App Training Page.

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