The Plexus Way™: Sponsor Changes and the New Virtual Office

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November 30, 2017

It’s almost been one month since you stepped into the Virtual Office. Time sure flies by! In today’s Plexus Way, we wanted to share how sponsor changes will show up in your new Virtual Office.

Sponsor Change Process

In the event you have a Sponsor Change request, rest assured that the process has largely remained unchanged. As a refresher, errors during the enrollment process is still the only instance where sponsor change requests will be granted. If you need a sponsor change request, simply email with details and our team in Compliance will review and respond to your request.

So, What’s Different?

Now, move confirmation emails are only sent to the Customer requesting the move, which means their new sponsor will no longer be included.

If you are a sponsor and are expecting to see your Customer in your Virtual Office reports, don’t stress! Since these are manual changes, it may take some time for them to appear. If you’re certain your new Customer has received a confirmation of the move, you can rest assured that the correct change was made and you will receive volume from their purchase.

What if I’m still not sure that the move has been completed?

If you do not see the correct volume in your reports, feel free to drop us a line at or 480-434-6400 and we’ll be happy to make sure everything is in order.

For more information about sponsor changes, please click here.

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