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November 30, 2017

Curious about when the next Virtual Office enhancement or new feature will be available? Or, maybe you need to find how-to articles to share with your new team members. Look no further than our updated Ambassador Communications Help Center.

Latest Updates and Enhancements

In this section, you’ll find a detailed list of recent system enhancements, as well as information about upcoming system updates. Additionally, this is the section you’ll want to visit to view any known issues that are currently being reported.

Articles and Videos

Okay, time for a pop quiz. How do you add a product to your subscription?

The answer to this question and dozens more are located in the Articles and Videos section of the Help Center. Our help articles include step-by-step directions with screenshots to help answer your question. Additionally, many articles include narrated, closed-captioned videos.

Submitting Feedback

Are you experiencing an issue, or want to suggest an upcoming feature? Uservoice is your go-to source to submit your feedback about the new Virtual Office. Our IT and development teams are constantly monitoring Uservoice, and every single submission is reviewed. To access Uservoice, please click here.

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