Learn Where Plexus Convention 2018 Will Be Held and So Much More

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December 7, 2017

Super Saturday is one month away! Are you registered? We have an all-star lineup of Plexus® hosts and trainers who will be rockin’ your local Super Saturday event! Each year we do it bigger and better!  This year we have lots of great surprises, launches, and world-class training from top Diamond Ambassadors.

We even have a first-of-its-kind Super Saturday Special.  This special is geared towards helping you kick-start your New Year in a BIG way, but only those who register to attend will receive it*.  Not to mention, those in attendance will be the first to learn where the Plexus Convention 2018 will be located and so much more!

See who’s coming to a city near you!

And, don’t forget to reserve your seat soon!
Register at https://plexusworldwide.com/supersaturdaylive

Bellevue, WA

Trainers: Rebekah Fowlkes, Erin Zimmerman
Hosts: Andrea Grant, Aimee Darling

Charlotte, NC – Almost sold out!

Trainers: Tara Castaneda, Emily Gibson
Hosts: Jennica Reis, Kelly Jan

Columbus, OH

Trainers: Melissa Eickenhorst, Tamara Holloway
Hosts: Julie Adams, Bridget Early

Des Moines, IA

Trainers: Michelle Thomas, Abbey Cappa
Hosts: Heather Geisinger, Dawn Zomermaand

Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Trainers: Sheila Medina, Jessica Hefley
Hosts: Eva Schmidt, Andrew Schmidt

Huntington Beach, CA

Trainers: Celeste Gwynn, Andrea Mitchell
Hosts: Andrea Estes, Johanna Trask

Irving, TX

Trainers: Jenn Hawkins, Susanne Clinton
Hosts: Erin Kerry, Becky Page

Lancaster, PA

Trainers: Kristy Hull, Brenda Martin
Hosts: Lacey Cooke, Shelly Nissley

Little Rock, AR

Trainers: Kristine Weyher, Emily Roberts
Hosts: Kim Rankin, Debbie Darby, Laura Prejean

Memphis, TN

Trainers: Amber Miller, Kristen Abart
Hosts: Catherine Smith, Mary June Miller

Mobile, AL

Trainers: Hayley D’Jock, Laura Robinson
Hosts: Brook Smith, Debra McCutcheon, Erin Akey

Orlando, FL

Trainers: Alicen Breaux, Allissa Synder
Hosts: Heather Grenier, Amy Triplett

Salt Lake City, UT

Trainers: Beth Anderson, Helen McFadden
Hosts: Christy Jex, Kim Mortenson

San Jose, CA

Trainers: Jill Renfro, Lynne Allen
Hosts: Amanda Anderson, Kate Brooks

Scottsdale, AZ

Trainers: Roz Payne, Jennifer Leath
Hosts: Rebecca Pavey, Jeanne Stratton

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