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January 4, 2018

Welcome to 2018! The word on the street is that this is the year your friends, family, and community, are getting real about long-term health, fitness, and wellness.

Enter you.

You’ve got the best job there is. You’re creating true health for you and your fam—and you’re sharing your knowledge with everyone you know.

We know Plexus products work. (Of course!) And, we know that when someone has a supportive community to encourage their goals they’re even more successful—sticking with the brand longer and achieving more!

The Plexus® Fit Squad is a NEW Facebook Group designed to share health and happiness with your Customers, Ambassadors, and potentials. It’s a community chock full of healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, awesome workouts, and the inspiration needed to support true health all year-long.

Our CMO, Cindy Latham, and Julie Boyster, our Director of Digital Marketing, joined us on New Year’s Eve to share a little about the Plexus Fit Squad and how it can support your customer’s resolutions and your business.


Bonus: We’re celebrating the launch of the Plexus Fit Squad with the What Have You Got To Lose? contest—a series of twice-a-week challenges designed to get you and your customers thinking about health in a new way. Learn more at

Join the Fit Squad and see what we’re doing:

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