The Plexus Way™: 6 Compliance Tips to Start 2018 Fresh

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January 4, 2018

30 – The approximate number of days it takes to establish a new physical or emotional habit.

This sentence is on the January page of the 2018 Plexus® Custom Planner and is a great reminder that January is all about starting the new year fresh. In today’s Plexus Way, we have 6 compliance tips to help you start the new year fresh (some of which will only take minutes).

1) Review Past Facebook Posts for Branding

Last May, we hit “refresh” on our brand. The look is a little cleaner, a little fresher, a little lighter. We recommend removing older posts with the old Plexus branding and logo so your Facebook profile is consistent and fresh with our new branding. After all, fresh is better.

2) Review Plexus Claims on Facebook

While you’re reviewing your Facebook profile, it’s also a great idea to see what product and weight-loss claims you may have posted. As our product line evolves and new studies are conducted, approved claims may change. Be sure to visit the Product section of for the latest product claims.

3) Like The Plexus Way Facebook Group

We’re on a roll with Facebook. In case you missed it, we launched our Plexus Way Facebook group last fall. Our team features weekly content, including “Did You Know” and “This not That” posts, as well as engaging with Ambassadors to answer any questions you may have about your business.

4) Revisit Your Personal Product Story

Most Plexus products have a How to Share document in your Virtual Office with instructions on how to create your personal “30-second” product story. January is a great time to revisit your story of how our products have improved your health. A personal (and compliant) product story will go a long way in building relationships with potential Customers.

5) Update Your Plexus Slim® or Plexus TriPlex™ Before & After Photo

Have you had great success with Slim or TriPlex? Our Before & After tool is an easy way to create a custom Before & After photo that contains the amount of weight you lost, as well as the necessary disclaimers you need to share with your team and Customers!

6) Schedule Time Daily to Learn Something New About Plexus

Have you wanted to learn more about our Compensation Plan, Plexus products, or Ambassador training? Our website, Sunny + Share blog and Virtual Office is filled with educational resources to help you do just that. Dedicating part of your day to learn something new can help you become an expert in an area you may not be familiar with.¹

Stay tuned for next week’s Plexus Way as we explore ways to build an awesome personal brand as a Plexus Ambassador.



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