Opportunity Tour 2018: How to close with your guests

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February 16, 2018

Who’s coming with you to Opportunity Tour 2018?! This is the perfect Plexus® event for your prospects and friends to hear about the products, learn more about the business opportunity, and develop new friendships.

When the presentation is over and lights go down, how do you keep the conversation going with your guests?

Watch Diamond Ambassador, Amy Kosmalski, share her excitement for inviting guests to Opportunity Tour 2018 and explain how to close with guests after the event!

Invite your friends and register today for Opportunity Tour 2018!

Don’t forget! Every qualified guest you bring receives a not-to-be missed gift, and you earn an incredible business building gift when you bring two qualified guests.¤

Want to know best practices for inviting your guests to Opportunity Tour 2018? Check out last week’s Scoop article How to Invite Guests to Opportunity Tour 2018 like an All-Star.

¤This offer is available for qualified guests only that are 18 years or older and who are eligible to start a Plexus business.

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posted 1 year ago

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