Opportunity Tour 2018: NEW Event Invitation and Follow-Up Guide

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February 23, 2018

How do you stay connected with your guests after a Plexus® event? The fortune is in the follow up and connecting within the first 48 hours can be key to your success.

Remember, you are building relationships. You want to keep the conversation going and connect with your prospects shortly after the event and beyond.

It can be intimidating to follow up with guests and think, “I will wait until they reach out to me.” Don’t give into that mindset! Pull out your follow up calendar and be actively involved in reaching out.

What words do you say during your follow up? How do you respond to objections?

Diamond Ambassador, Becky Page, shares her all-star tips on how to follow up after Opportunity Tour 2018. Check it out!

Want more tips on how to invite and follow up with your guests?

Download the NEW Event Invitation & Follow-Up Guide found in your Resource Library under your Virtual Office Training Center.


Ambassador Training Team

posted 1 year ago

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