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February 23, 2018

February’s product of the month is Plexus Slim® and Lexi by PlexusTM can help you share this delicious, nutritious supplement super simply!

Share Slim with your prospects!

Lexi has 2 sample Tracks that are designed to help you share Slim with your potential customers. The Lexi sample tracks are designed to help your prospect gain first-hand product experience and understand the benefits of Slim.

Watch this video to see how the 3-day sample Track works.

Support Slim customers!

Help your new Slim customers get the most out of their Slim purchase by placing them onto the Slim Customer Track. This track is designed to help your customers regularly use Slim, recognize the benefits, and get set up as a Preferred Customer! It also keeps you updated on their progress and lets you know when to follow up.

Watch this video to see how the Slim Customer Track works.

More Slim resources!

Lexi goes hand-in-hand with our Plexus Slim product training videos! Watch this video to see what Emerald Ambassador, Shoshana Easling, and Chief Marketing Officer, Cynthia Latham, have to say about Slim.

NOTE: Make sure you subscribe to the Plexus Worldwide® YouTube channel to be the first to hear about upcoming product training videos!

See what Lexi can do for your business!

If you’ve never tried Lexi by Plexus, now’s the perfect time. Check out the app and register at

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