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March 2, 2018

How many times have you have walked into the grocery store and seen Plexus® products for sale? How about at a store that specializes in supplements? Hopefully, the answer is zero. As a social selling company, Plexus doesn’t sell products at retail establishments or even have an advertising budget to market to the mass market. Instead, we rely on our own Ambassadors to share their passion and to build relationships for an experience that can’t be plucked off a store shelf.

We understand that some Ambassadors may own or work at a privately owned storefront, gym, yoga practice, nail salon, etc. and may want to promote their Plexus business in conjunction with these private ventures. That’s why there are some sections in the Plexus Policies and Procedures (Sections 8C and 8D) that provide guidelines for how this can be done without compromising the personal nature of a Plexus business.

Less is More

Seeing the entire product line could be overwhelming for someone new to Plexus. While you are allowed to have one of each product on the premises for advertising, try to condense your display to your top four faves. The Triplex combo is a good place to start and is one of the easiest ways to introduce potential customers to the importance of gut health.

It doesn’t always take a bombastic display to draw someone’s attention. Let the products speak for themselves and keep things simple with a stack of business cards with your contact information or pamphlets containing product information, all of which is easily found and customizable at

Out of Sight

Another reason to keep your display conservative is because you don’t want it to be visible from outside the location. Since you are advertising your business and not retailing the product at your location, then giant banners and unwieldy trifold displays can give people a false impression of what Plexus really is.

You can always save the pizzazz for an opportunity event or a sip and see party at a later time.

Right Place, Right Time

Even if you’ve limited the amount of product you have to advertise at your location, you can accidentally seem afoul of the Plexus Policies if you try to sell your products on premises. Since Plexus is not meant to be sold in a retail environment, keep your product sales separate from your retail or service establishment.

With your business card in hand, your potential customer or Ambassador can contact you to meet up later for a more one-on-one One Plexus experience. You’ll be able to not only explain the Plexus products and opportunity in more detail, but also establish a relationship that just can’t be built in the same way over a checkout counter.

For full details of what can and cannot be done at retail and service establishments, check sections 8C and 8D of the Plexus Policies and Procedures, found in your Virtual Office Resource Library. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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