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March 9, 2018

The Plexus Opportunity Tour is in full swing, with the 2018 Plexus “Legacy” Convention not far behind. And who knows what other amazing events might be still to come! These are great events where you can invite guests to come with you. What better way to help build their interest in the products and opportunity than to share a compliant testimony? They can be a great business tool to help you advertise your Plexus business.

Whether you’re hoping to start sharing your own story, or sprucing up a story you’ve used for a while, follow our steps to creating a compliant testimony and you’ll be sharing with confidence in no time.

Draft it

The easiest place to start is to put pen on paper, or fingers on keyboard, and just start writing. It’s okay to word vomit; some of your best ideas will start at this stage. And don’t worry about spelling and grammar. Just focus on being authentic, and you’re on your way to crafting a compelling story.

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to begin, check out one of our favorite articles about making claims in your testimony and our Guide to Plexus Disclaimer in your Virtual Office for information about how to properly make claims about Plexus.

Edit it

Let’s clean it up! Now that you’ve jotted down your ideas, take some time to make them look more presentable. This is one of the few times in life where looks do matter; no one wants to stumble their way through a Facebook post full of typos and run-on sentences, right?

Here’s a tip, read your draft out loud to see how it flows to a reader. Hearing how your writing flows can show you which areas are good to go and which areas might still need work.

Submit it

Plexus Compliance is always ready to help you keep your stories compliant. We love Ambassador testimonies, and we love it even more when Ambassadors send them to us at for review before sharing!

This is a great time to ask questions, too. The regulations surrounding your Plexus business don’t have to be confusing when our amazing team is here to explain why something that seems fine could be non-compliant to share.

Submitting your testimony before sharing can also keep an easy fix from becoming a big headache. It gets harder to make corrections as more and more people see and pass along your story. If there is a non-compliant claim in your story, you’d want to catch it before it’s spread across social media.

Share it

You did it! Now you have a Plexus testimony that you can be proud to share with the world. Best of all, if asked by a friend to share your story in front of a group, you’ll be ahead of the game. No more last minute scribbling or sticky notes with bullet points; rest assured knowing you have the best story you can tell.

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