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March 23, 2018

We’re sure you’ve all heard the good news by now; Plexus is now open in Canada! With this new market comes Canada-specific materials, shareables, product labels, and even product claims. This week, we’re going to cover some basics on how to use these Canadian product claims when growing your business.

Canada Products vs US Products

Because your Customers and Ambassadors create their own accounts using your sponsor ID, our system will automatically display and ship them the product that corresponds to their market. That’s one less thing for you to worry about!

The Canadian Plexus products are not exactly the same as US Plexus products. Because of each country’s regulations, there are some differences between the two, including differences in formulation, label design, and even product claims.

Health Canada vs The FDA

One difference between Canadian and US products claims is in how they are evaluated. US product claims are not evaluated by the FDA, which is why they are accompanied by the familiar FDA disclaimer. However, since the Canadian products and their claims have been registered with Health Canada, Canadian product claims do not need an accompanying disclaimer.

Another difference between the claims is in how they can be shared. Health Canada claims have been registered and approved by Health Canada to use as-is, Ambassadors must share provided Canada claims word-for-word, without any changes.

Corporate materials like product info sheets and catalogs in the Virtual Office, and even product pages on the website, are all clearly labeled so Ambassadors know which market they are intended for. It’s easy to copy and paste claims and other language directly from these compliant sources.

Canadian Audiences vs American Audiences

While our system ensures that each customer receives the correct product, it is the Ambassador’s responsibility to share the appropriate claims with the corresponding market. This means that when you are advertising the Plexus products to a Canadian prospect or audience, you should use the Canadian product claims. And when advertising to a US audience, you should use the US product claims.

Remember, each country’s claims were crafted to meet different regulations, so a Canadian product claim could be a non-compliant claim when shared with your US audience. An easy way to keep claims organized is to create a separate social media account to advertise to your new market, like how Plexus Worldwide has both US and Canadian Facebook pages.

And don’t forget, the Compliance department is always here to answer your questions. So, if you have questions about advertising to a new market, or any other compliance issue, give us a call at 480-434-6400 or shoot us an email at

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