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April 5, 2018

How do you teach your customers all the benefits of TriPlex, let alone help them take the right dosages at the right times? That’s where Lexi by Plexus™ comes in!

Help your customers get the best out of TriPlex!

Lexi, your virtual assistant, helps you keep track of your TriPlex customers’ progress, while getting the most out of TriPlex with product information, dosage directions, reminders, videos, and more! Lexi sends these resources gradually through a series of messages, delivering the information right when they need it. You will also get messages to keep you in the loop with what they are learning and when you need to follow up with them.

Watch this video to see how the TriPlex Customer Track works.

Upsell to Slim Customers!

Slim has become very popular and is one of the 3 featured products of the TriPlex Package. TriPlex may be too big of a step for some, but Lexi can help you upsell TriPlex to Slim Customers by starting them on the Slim Customer Track! At the end of this 30-day Track, Lexi will send your customer information about TriPlex and give you a script for how to upsell it.

Watch this video to see how the Slim Customer Track helps you upsell TriPlex.

Get Access to Lexi Resources!

On top of the Slim and TriPlex Customer tracks, there are many resources in the Media Library you can use, including videos for TriPlex and Slim. You will also find resources for other products, training videos, and Quick Start Guides to help you use the app. You can share these resources through any social media app.

Have you tried Lexi yet? If not, you’re missing out! Give Lexi a try by registering at

Simplify your life. Use Lexi to automate your messaging!

The Lexi by Plexus Team

posted 1 year ago

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