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April 19, 2018

Lexi is designed to make your work as an Ambassador easier, but we know that taking the time to learn how a new app works can be its own time investment. Don’t worry, Lexi can train you!

Learn how to use Lexi

The “How to Use Lexi” track is now available to teach you the ins-and-outs of Lexi. This track trains you on all the features Lexi offers in bitesize pieces, allowing you to become a champion when it comes to running your business with Lexi! This way, you can save time on learning new resources while running your business.

What Does This Track Train Me On?

The two-week track contains 10 lessons that will teach you everything there is to know about Lexi. These lessons include:

  • Training videos
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Ways to solve any challenges to using features in Lexi
  • Tips to help use and understand Lexi

Whether you’ve been using Lexi for a while and want to master the features, or you’re a beginner who would like step-by-step instructions, this track has everything you need.

How Do I Use This Track?

You can either use this track to train yourself, or you can assign it to one of your contacts to help them learn how to use Lexi. In order to use it for your personal training, you will need to add yourself as a contact and assign the “How to Use Lexi” track to yourself. Otherwise, you would just add the track to one of your contacts.

Get Access to All Our Training Content!

All of the training resources used in the “How to Use Lexi” track, such as training videos and Quick Start Guides, can be found in the Media Library in the Lexi app. You can also find these resources in the App Training section of the Lexi website.

Now is the best time to give Lexi a try! Make sure to register at https://lexi.plexusworldwide.com.

Simplify your life. Use Lexi to automate your messaging!

–The Lexi by Plexus® Team

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