May Field Development Calendar Updates

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May 10, 2018

We have made some updates to the May Field Development Calendar to include a few more details. Get all of that and more by downloading the most recent version!

The calendar serves as a handy overview of all of the Plexus® sales training events that are available to you and your team. You’ll get a complete list all of the latest online and in-person Plexus events so you can get started outlining your monthly training schedule today!

From experiencing the Plexus culture first-hand at an Opportunity Tour to learning must-have business skills through in-depth Zoom Calls and Facebook Live training sessions, this calendar is a great resource to utilize when planning your business-building activities throughout the month. Not only can you tune in to the Corporate-hosted events, there are also plenty of opportunities to organize your own training events in between. Plus, you’ll be happy to hear, all the training Zoom calls will be recorded and posted in the Facebook group.

Plan It Out

We know life gets busy, that’s why we’ve created this monthly calendar to help you plan it out. By scheduling time to attend and/or host business training sessions in advance, you set yourself up for a successful month!

Download the May National Field Development Calendar.

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