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May 17, 2018

The 2018 Legacy Convention event is just around the corner, and it’s time to announce our Convention workshop trainers and topics!

Value of Ambassador Workshops

One of the most valuable aspects of Convention is the opportunity each attendee will have to receive exclusive business training. In fact, the trainers design their presentations to connect with each rank independently, allowing Ambassadors at each level to learn the best possible information for where they are at in their business. There’s nothing like hearing the wisdom of your fellow Ambassadors to ignite—or reignite—your fire and encourage you to push forward in growing your business!

This year’s lineup for Convention Workshops will be unforgettable!

Training Topics

Each workshop rank group will follow the same topic lineup:

  • Build a Legacy Mindset: Learn the importance of mindset in business and in life, discover new ideas for personal growth and development, and find out how to build belief in yourself.
  • Build a Legacy Business: See how using the resources, understanding the systems of duplication, and keeping the momentum can help you grow your business.
  • Build a Legacy Team: Learn the best ways to set goals, the importance of rank ups, and how to empower your teammates.
  • Panel: Build a Legacy that Lasts: Hear answers to commonly-asked questions from Ambassadors at your rank level

Trainer Lineup

Silver Workshop 
Hosted by Diamond Ambassador Andrea Mitchell
•   Diamond Ambassador Jennifer Leath
•   Diamond Ambassador Brooke Hemingway
•   Diamond Ambassador Jenn Hawkins

Gold Workshop
Hosted by Diamond Ambassador Sheila Medina
•   Diamond Ambassador Rhonda Shaw
•   Diamond Ambassador Melissa Eickenhorst
•   Diamond Ambassador Julia Cartee

Ruby Workshop
Hosted by Diamond Ambassador Celeste Gwynn
•   Diamond Ambassador Helen McFadden
•   Diamond Ambassador Emily Gibson
•   Diamond Ambassador Rozalyn Payne

Emerald Workshop
Hosted by Diamond Ambassador Amy Kosmalski
•   Diamond Ambassador Rebekah Fowlkes
•   Diamond Ambassador Amber Miller
•   Diamond Ambassador Erin Zimmerman

Sapphire/Diamond Workshop
Hosted by Diamond Ambassador Lynne Allen
•   Diamond Ambassador Wendy Larson
•   Diamond Ambassador Tara Castaneda
•   Diamond Ambassador Kristen Abart

We hope 2018 Legacy Convention will be a momentous occasion for all of our Ambassadors!

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