Tips from the Top: Sharing Joyōme™ Samples

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May 17, 2018

Your Joyōme VIP Pack is filled with gorgeous sample packs. These can be used to help you spread the joy! How do you share?

Decide Who You Will Tell

First, map out your sharing plan. You have access to the 64 Contacts List and Joyōme Sharing Tips worksheets in your Virtual Office Resource Library. These worksheets are filled with words to say and tips on how to share. Download and print it out to help you get started.

Want extra sharing power? Diamond Ambassador Sara Marble offers sharing tips to help you get started on what you can say about Joyōme.

Ready to Start Sharing Your Joyōme Samples?

Watch Diamond Ambassador, Helen McFadden, explain how you can use your Joyōme samples to support the growth of your business, and then download the How to Sample Joyōme tool in your Virtual Office Resource Library.

More tools to help you share

Check out all of these amazing Joyōme tools in your Virtual Office Resource Library.

64 Contacts Worksheet

Joyōme Sharing Tips

How to Sample Joyōme

Share what you love! Your excitement for Joyōme will rub off on those around you.

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