Joyōme™ is Now Available to All Ambassadors and Customers! Start Sharing Today.

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May 25, 2018

Shout it from the rooftops: Joyōme™ is now available to all Ambassadors and Customers!

As with any new product, there is a lot of information to learn. So, we’ve put together all the training guides you will need to learn all about how to share Joyōme.

All these tools are also available 24/7 in the Resource Library in your Virtual Office.

Discover the Benefits

Not only will trying Joyōme for yourself help build your product story, we recommend doing a bit of research about it by reviewing the product highlights listed on the new Joyōme website.

Ambassador Joyōme Sharing Guide

Ready, set, Joyōme! Check out Diamond Ambassador Sara Marble’s three easy steps to get her team on board with sharing Joyōme.

Did you know you have a worksheet to guide your steps to spread the joy? It even includes a variety of sample “Words to Say” to people in various age-ranges.
Joyōme Sharing Tips

Prospecting Joyōme Guide

It’s easier than ever to teach your prospects all about Plexus®, from how amazing the products are to how easy it is to join. Now that you’re ready to share Joyōme, we’d love to assist you—with a little help from another one of our leaders!

Find out more about how to use Joyōme as a great new tool to help grow your business from Diamond Ambassador Lori Welch.

Plus, you can utilize these two new tools to help set goals.
Prospecting Joyōme Guide
Build Momentum in May

How to Sample

There are more effective ways to help your future Customers and Ambassadors sample the incredible Plexus® products than simply handing them a sample to try on their own. Check out some of the best ways to use samples as an additional tool when sharing Joyōme from Diamond Ambassador Helen McFadden.

For all the details on how to sample with Joyōme, view this flyer.
How to Sample

Bridging the Gap

We’ve always believed we have the perfect combo for inner and outer beauty, which is why adding Joyōme to the mix fits so well! Diamond Ambassador Aimee Darling tells how sharing Joyōme is easy with healthy lifestyle habits you are already practicing.


Learn more about bridging the gap with Plexus products and Joyōme, including simple skin tips that will help connect them.
Bridging the Gap

Grow Your Business

So, are you ready to “give it a glow”? Find out the many ways you can use Joyōme to help grow your business from Diamond Ambassador Jenn Hawkins.

[Insert video – Jenn Hawkins – Grow Your Business

Learn how steps like revisiting your why and reigniting the spark will help you grow your business with Joyōme.
Grow Your Business
Joyōme Subscription
Best Practices Checklist

Joyōme Subscription Training

Check out this handy quick-sheet for an overview of how to set up your subscription and help your new Ambassadors do the same.
Joyōme Subscription

Once you’ve set up your subscription, who should you reach out to when you begin sharing Joyōme? Answer: Everyone! Find out what Diamond Ambassador Melissa Eickenhorst says about getting started with Joyōme.

Best Practices Checklist

Once you’re ready to get out there and share Joyōme, it’s important to remember the ways you can provide support to your new Ambassadors. Hear from Sapphire Ambassador Shoshanna Easling about how you can get your new Ambassadors off to a great start.

Follow this checklist to stay on track with your business by assisting your new members throughout their product journey.
Best Practices Checklist

As a reminder, all of Joyōme training is available in the Resource Library in your Virtual Office. Start sharing Joyōme today!

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