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May 25, 2018

We’re super excited to see all the love people are giving Joyōme and the social media buzz surrounding our revolutionary new brand! It’s time for part three of our Joyōme series, and we’re talking some tips that compliance would like you to know when you’re out sharing the Joy of Plexus®.

Before and After Pictures

Let’s be honest. Raise your hand if you use those Instagram and Snapchat filters? Personally, we love the Samsung smoothing filter that airbrushes the pores right off our faces. But when you’re taking a picture for a before and after product testimony, it’s best to keep it candid. Because the human eye is very good at distinguishing between raw and touched-up pictures. Not only is it misleading, but it makes it hard for your audience to see what the product is doing versus what the filter is doing. Let’s let Joyōme speak for itself; it has amazing benefits, no Photoshop needed!

Here are some of our tips for effective pictures:

  • Save the artsy camera angles for your bomb selfies. Sometimes the best angles to show off your skin aren’t the most flattering ones.
  • You can’t exactly control the position of the sun, but do your best to take pictures at the same locations, at the same time of day to have something close to a controlled environment to best show off that Joyōme glam.
  • Have the same expressions in both your pictures. Is that radiance in the after picture coming from Joyōme or your stunning smile?

Surgeries, Fillers, and Medicated Skincare

Joyōme is a skincare product, and not a surgery or clinical treatment. The FTC considers it misleading to claim that a cosmetic product can offer the same benefits of a surgery or a clinical filler. So remember, applying Joyōme to your face is not the same as putting knife and needle to skin and you shouldn’t expect to see similar results.

Additionally, medicated skincare products are prescribed for a reason: they are used to treat skin conditions. Joyōme, however, does not treat skin conditions. That’s right; as a cosmetic, Joyōme helps change the appearance of skin, not treat conditions. So, if you tell someone to replace their medicated skincare products with Joyōme, you are insinuating that it can perform the same tasks, which is a non-compliant drug claim.

Duration of Benefits

As with all other cosmetics, the amazing benefits you can experience with Joyōme will last only as long as you are using the products. Again, Joyōme does not provide permanent change, so suggesting that your skincare benefits will last longer than your bottle of product exceeds what is allowed of cosmetic claims. But don’t worry, each bottle of our serum contains a generous 60-day supply.

There’s only one week left in our Joyōme series but there’s so much to talk about, we’re sure we’ll be talking about skincare again soon. If you’ve been following along, but still haven’t had your questions answered, hit us up at

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