Cheers to Our One Plexus Award Winners!

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June 9, 2018

At Plexus, we are surrounded by countless Ambassadors who inspire us, motivate us, and lift us up to be better in every way. Each year, we have the opportunity to celebrate two of our amazing Ambassadors who go above and beyond in every way. Today we presented the prestigious One Plexus Award to two incredible leaders.

These leaders truly embody the One Plexus ideal and exemplify three stand-out qualities that the award represents:

  • Belief: Belief in the values of Plexus Worldwide®; Belief in being trustworthy, honest, reliable, & responsible; Belief in the vision and potential that Plexus represents worldwide.
  • Partnership: Partnership between and among everyone associated with Plexus; Unity; Stepping forward when there is a need; reaching out to help; Celebrating shared accomplishments over individual achievement.
  • Taking Action: Taking action where it is needed in your community; Being a port in a storm; Being a blessing when you are blessed.

Congratulations to our One Plexus Award winners, Diamond Ambassadors Sara Marble and Jenn Hawkins!

We thank both Sara and Jenn for all they have contributed to our One Plexus family, and are proud to have them represent our incredible company.


posted 2 years ago