Three Steps to Grow Your Business with Slim Hunger Control* and Plexus Lean™

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June 15, 2018

Straight out of Convention! We just released Slim Hunger Control* and Plexus Lean™, but how do you build your business with these two incredible products?

Map out a plan!

  1. Download your 64 Contacts List

Think about your previous potentials or Customers. Think about people you’ve never told about Plexus®. Who do you want to reach out to about these new products? Write it down on your 64 Contacts List (located in your Virtual Office Resource Library).

  1. Reach out to potentials and previous Customers

It could be a phone call, text, or in-person conversation. Reach out to the people on your 64 Contacts list and tell them about the exciting product launch.

For ideas on words to say, refer to the Grow Your Business product sheets below.

  1. Set the tone with permission-based follow-up

Does the follow-up scare you? Feel like you are being pushy or too salesy? Avoid these feelings by asking your potentials upfront if you can follow up with them.

For examples of how to do this, refer to the Plexus Lean – Grow Your Business tool below.

Complete support to grow your biz!

You have access to several training tools that can help you grow your business with Plexus Lean and Slim Hunger Control. The following tools are located in your Virtual Office Resource Library.

Plexus Lean – Grow Your Business
Plexus Lean – Sharing Tips
Plexus Lean – Listening for Clues

Slim Hunger Control – Grow Your Business
Slim Hunger Control – Sales 101
Slim Hunger Control – Listening for Clues

Ambassador Training Team

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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