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June 21, 2018

Our 2018 Leaders Retreat is getting closer each day, and there is still plenty of time to earn your way there! Don’t miss your chance to take part in an epic adventure as we set sail from Miami, Florida to beautiful Key West and Nassau, Bahamas this October.¤

What better way to learn how to set sail on the LegaSea cruise this fall than by hearing from the leaders who have been there, and done that? That’s why our incredible Diamond Ambassadors are sharing their strategies to help you grow your business and qualify for this can’t-miss event. Last week, we heard tips from Diamond Ambassador Andrea Mitchell, and this week we’re excited to present Instagram strategies from Diamond Ambassador Emily Gibson!¤

Learn from Emily as she overviews how she is able to get many of her enrollments by building her business with Instagram. Her social media techniques have allowed her to expand her network, make new friends and connections, and add value to peoples’ lives, and she is sharing those tips to help you do the same! Find out how to connect, top tools to peak interest, and more in Emily’s video below.

“Here are my tips on how to successfully sponsor Customers and Ambassadors using Instagram. In a platform where everyone is trying to be like everyone else, BE YOU. Then, talk less, and connect more!” says Emily.


The 2018 Leaders Retreat Contest is in full swing, so use these great tips from the top to help you earn your way there!¤

Check out the contest details in the Flyer, FAQs, and Official Rules, and keep an eye on your live Leaders Retreat Contest Dashboard in your Virtual Office.

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