2018 Leaders Retreat: Cruising 101

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June 28, 2018

In just a few short months, we will be embarking on the 2018 LegaSea Cruise to beautiful Key West and Nassau, Bahamas!

As you work your way towards earning your spot on this incredible trip this October, we’re sure you have some looming questions, such as “Do I need a passport?”, “Who can I bring as my guest?”, or “What if I’m pregnant or have small children?” These are some of the important details about cruising overseas that you will need to know, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Get the info on cruising from Senior Manager of Sales Jesse Nelson and Regional Business Coach Matthew Aron as they prepare you for a successful event this fall. Learn what to expect before you head out on the adventure of a lifetime at the 2018 Leaders Retreat!

Stay tuned for the rest of our three-part series, “Cruising 101”, featuring all your favorite Business Coaches.

For more information on how to earn your way to 2018 Leaders Retreat, check out the Flyer, FAQs, and Official Rules.

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