How to Host a 7-Day Challenge with Plexus Slim® Hunger Control*

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June 28, 2018

Looking for a simple way to introduce people to Plexus®? Host a 7-Day Challenge! This is a fun opportunity to invite friends to focus on their health goals and build belief in Plexus products.

Now, you can bring the new Plexus Slim Hunger Control trial packs into your 7-Day Challenge. These new trial packs can help your friends get started on their Plexus journey with a consistent 7-Day plan.

How do you start a 7-Day Challenge?

Step 1: Create a Facebook group for your 7-Day Challenge and personally invite people to join you.

Words to say: 
“Hi _, I’m looking for product testers for one of Plexus’ newest releases: Slim Hunger Control!* It’s my favorite Slim flavor! Curious if you’d be game for trying it?! If so, I’ll share details with ya!”

If they say yes, you may want to say: 
“Hey! Ok, here’s the scoop. Order a 7-day Trial Pack of Slim Hunger Control from my website (offer small incentive), and you get VIP access to our upcoming 7-Day Challenge! If you’re ready, I’ll send info over to help you order and get started! I’m excited to hear what you think!!”

Step 2: Create a welcome post a few days before you start the 7-Day Challenge and ask people to share their health goals and what they want to accomplish with Plexus.

Step 3: Post an introduction to your 7-Day Challenge with a Facebook Live the day before it starts. Share how excited you are to get started and set real expectations. Let people know the purpose of this challenge is to see what they think of the Slim Hunger Control Trial Packs, if they can be consistent in taking the product, and if they notice a few changes, including less hunger. Help your group understand that they may not notice huge changes in seven days, but that this challenge is a great introduction to their Plexus journey.*

Step 4: Each day, post product information to educate your group. You can also introduce Plexus Lean™ and a few of your favorite Plexus products. Every other day, choose an Ambassador or customer to share their compliant Slim Hunger Control testimonial in your group.

Optional: Offer a small giveaway and Facebook Live drawing to encourage participation in your group. This helps people stay focused on the 7-Day Challenge.

Step 5: Add in the winning combo! Not only does the Slim Hunger Control 7-Day Challenge help your customers and potentials kickoff their summer health goals, but it can set them up for success all summer long by introducing the “Plexus Get Lean This Summer Challenge.”

Post your excitement for the “Plexus Get Lean This Summer Challenge” a day or two before your event is over to keep the momentum going! Let your group know that the Plexus challenge is the perfect way to stay on track with their summer goals, and even earn great prizes!

Join us in the Plexus Fit Squad Facebook Group for more details on this challenge starting July 1.

Two exciting challenges. One great summer. We can’t wait to see your success!

Ambassador Training Team

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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