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July 5, 2018

Maybe you’ve seen it while flipping through the Policies and Procedures, or maybe you’ve heard about it happening in another MLM. But what exactly is it? Find out everything you’ve wanted to know about cross-company recruiting in this week’s Plexus Way.

What is cross-company recruiting?

Cross-company recruiting is a prohibited activity that occurs when an Ambassador recruits “an Ambassador to sell or purchase products or services other than those offered by Plexus®” (Section 2.J.1). This means that Ambassadors who solicit other Plexus Ambassadors to join another MLM company or use their influences and connections in the Ambassador community to promote separate businesses are in violation of Plexus policy.

Some common examples of cross-company recruiting include:

  • Sending emails, messages, phone calls, texts, or any other form of communication to Ambassadors to join another company or to sell products of that company
  • Advertising multiple businesses on the same website or social media page
  • Adding Plexus Ambassadors to groups or pages you’ve created for another business
  • Adding team members from another business to pages or groups that you’ve created for Plexus or use primarily to advertise Plexus

Indirect cross-company recruiting.

Not all cross-company recruiting activity is performed on purpose and can occur even without an Ambassador directly reaching out to another for a separate opportunity. Sometimes, Ambassadors want to help their friends by advertising another MLM business on their Facebook page. Or maybe, they might want to help their family member host a party for a different MLM business and invite their own friends.

By putting Plexus Ambassadors in touch with another company’s representatives, even unintentionally, you could still be facilitating cross-company recruiting. These instances are also considered violations of the policy and the Compliance department will still reach out to discourage the activity.


Cross-company recruiting is a significant threat to the Plexus business. As such, the company take these situations very seriously. So if someone wants you to promote another direct selling business, think twice and reach out to Compliance so that you don’t find yourself inadvertently in violation of the Policies.

If you’re interested in a little out-of-class reading, Plexus’ policy on cross-company recruiting can be found in Section 2.J of the Ambassador Policies and Procedures. Got lingering questions? Let us know at

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