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July 12, 2018

We’re immensely proud of our Diamond Ambassadors and excited to give them well-deserved recognition! Today we are excited to share this special Q&A with Diamond Ambassador Lori Welch, which documents the success she has had with Plexus®.

How did you learn about Plexus? What were your initial impressions of Plexus?

I first learned about Plexus from my oldest daughter Amber Miller. She introduced me to the Pink Drink that changed my life.

My initial impression was that it was a gimmicky product that wouldn’t work. I thought my baby had been duped into “one of those things” when I realized she had “joined” a company. I told my husband that I was worried about whatever she had “gotten herself into.” I thought someone had taken advantage of her youth and inexperience.

Boy was I wrong! And, thank God she was persistent and challenged me to look into it rather than just find something wrong with it. She asked me to have an open mind, and I will be forever grateful that she did and did not back down.

We actually almost had a wrestling match with a glass of Plexus Slim® going back and forth sloshing over the side of the glass between the two of us across the kitchen counter. Amber was saying, “Mom, you said it was safe for me to drink, and it is helping me. Please just try it for three days. I am only asking you to try it.” Finally, I just agreed to it even though I had no hope at all that it would do a thing for me.

What made you decide to join Plexus as an Ambassador?

After three days, I was hooked and noticing differences, but for fun I didn’t tell Amber. I continued to let her think she was “forcing” me to drink it daily, and then finally I spilled the beans and told her I LOVED it. She then said, “I’m not giving you free product anymore; you’re signing up. Where is your credit card?” That is how I joined this company. “Mom where is your credit card?” I went about preparing such while Amber asked me the questions and signed me up as an Ambassador for wholesale pricing.

Talk about the moment when you decided to focus on Plexus.

I decided to focus on Plexus after being exposed to two events. One was an Opportunity Event led by a Ruby and a new Senior Ruby. I did sincerely LOVE the product, and I do also love to help people. I would have told people about it due to that fact alone, but I wasn’t planning on going full force until I was exposed to the income potential at that event.

When I figured out what was possible and that the compensation plan was fair and started to see that the people representing leadership were people with high integrity, I became more interested. In my past, I had been approached with network marketing businesses, and the way I had been approached did not feel respectful to me, so it therefore turned me off to the industry. Everything about Plexus felt different.

When I caught the last 15 minutes of an in-person small group training Sonya Dudley did, that changed everything for me. I loved Sonya, and I could see she loved people and was as sincere as could be. Watching her train and encourage that group of people inspired me to see that I would feel fabulous doing the same thing. I saw myself at the top of the company in that training meeting and decided that was my destination.¤

The product was fabulous, and I could help people both with health and finances. I thought it would be a crying shame if I did not do my very best and take full advantage of the space in time I found myself in with an incredible opportunity to bless the lives of not only my own family members but also the lives of people I knew. This mama was going to RUN—not walk with this Plexus thing.

Who is your Plexus mentor? Talk a little about that relationship.

My mentors have been Helen McFadden and Sonya Dudley. I reached out to them, because there was no one between them and I who was as serious as I was about the business at that time. I was dead serious, and I wanted Diamond. Since I am their level 6 and 7, they could have chosen to not take the time to mentor me. They did though.

Sonya met with me several times and responded to long messages I sent. She also did a few coaching calls for me and offered to do more. Helen was warm, kind, and open to me needing help. She invited me to a Gold Training overnight stay at her home.

I love these women so much. We became friends quickly and easily, and there was so much more they had done for me early on as well. Helen connected me with her two level one workers Aimée Darling  and Debbie Nicholson. We became awesome wonderful friends. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was giving me a sideline cheerleading group. These women gave me my start and have always been there for me when I have needed advice and an opinion.

I have cried to them many times trying to express how incredibly grateful I am for the support they gave me, and they humbly tell me we are all friends. I will never forget what they did though. They showed me the way, and they did it with class and integrity and dispelled all the misconceptions I had about this industry.

Shelia Medina has, too. My relationship with Sheila developed after I was a Diamond, but whenever I have reached out to her, she has also been fabulously supportive and given wonderful advice. I appreciate, value and respect my Diamond up line very much.

How has your WHY changed since you joined Plexus?

My “Why” initially was a “Why Not?” I didn’t understand the concept of a Why. This was a fabulous opportunity. Why not work it to its full value? I have always wanted to change people’s health for the better, the product was great, and you could make a supplemental income. It seemed very logical to pursue this business.¤

Since then, my Why has evolved quite a bit. Once I experienced the way it feels to empower people to break free of their own preset false impressions of their personal capabilities, I was hooked. My Why now is still primarily helping people with their health and weight loss goals, but a pretty close second though is helping people become all they can be in life and realize their God given potential for growth. It is a pretty amazing feeling to be able to help people see who they really are and soar.

What have you gained from your Plexus journey that you didn’t expect?

I had dreams and goals before being exposed to Plexus. As much as I saw the vision for personal success in this opportunity from the beginning, I never knew that so many of my dreams and goals that I’d only privately shared with God would be fulfilled through my $34.95 membership.

I had my children young and have been a home schooling stay-at-home-mom for 25 years. My secret desire was to go back to college get a degree in Nutrition when my children at home had graduated high school. I‘ve always had a deep interest in health, the way our body functions, supporting it, and fitness. It’s my passion and my hobby, and I read book after book on this subject for fun. The only reason I wanted the degree was because I wanted a business helping people this way and planned on that hopefully being my future. Through Plexus, it certainly has and far, far more than it would have through the small practice I had hoped to someday have. My vision was small, and Plexus made it huge. My goal was to just help a few people experience success and get help with their health. Through Plexus, I have been able to help so many.

I also wanted to learn to write well. I had hoped to have a blog or write a book. Through social media and posting, I have had many opportunities to write, and I bet it is more than a book!

To write something and have feedback from people that it helped them has been a shocker and has helped me want to empower other people to do the same…to take risks and make themselves vulnerable. That raises a person’s lid and helps them break free from fears. I had the same fears of opening up and exposing my heart to people—to be myself and do that boldly. It’s been a fun journey and it’s incredible to open that journey up to other people. To watch them do the same and for that to be life changing for them like it has been for me. It’s a concept I never would have possibly understood had I not said yes to Plexus.

It had always been a dream of mine to have a family business. We have that in Plexus big time. I also had a desire to have more connection with other women. I loved my life as stay-at-home-mom, but it didn’t give me much of a opportunity for girlfriend time. After 25 years, I missed that.

Plexus has given me all of that and soooo much more. Empowering people and having connection was really the sum total of all of my little hopes and dreams that I kept fully to myself before this pink drink came into my life. I am often blown away at how much God has answered those whispered prayers through Plexus.

What skills would you tell an emerging leader to get really good at doing?
  • Get good at being sincere.
  • Look at people as what is in it for them. Thankfully, we have a real opportunity with Plexus: real with the products and real with the business. Do not look at people as what is in this for you—look at them as what is in it for them.
  • Get good at listening. If you listen well, people will tell you why they need these products and why they would want to consider the business.
  • Get good at asking questions. Whenever you want to tell someone something, ask yourself, “Could I phrase this in a question and have them draw their own conclusions?” It’s always more powerful when a person reaches the conclusion through, at least in part, their own logical thought process. They own it then.
What things (skills) would you tell a new Ambassador to get really good at doing?
  • Get good at creating vision. Vision has to be verbalized and demonstrated often. Communicate your vision often.
  • Lead by example.
  • Get good at people development. If you want to be successful, then you want to empower and help foster leadership in others. Shift the limelight from you to them. Get good at knowing who you should do that with and who you should not.
  • Get good at knowing what is and what is not your responsibility, and that does include getting good at knowing that not everyone will like you. That was a very hard one for me, but I think it is a skill that a leader should develop. It can be detrimental if you do not.
  • Get good at knowing your priorities. Focus 80 percent of your time on your highest priorities.
  • Get good at managing your time well. Get good at constantly reassessing that and also good at delegating to help foster teamwork and growth for everyone.
Describe your Plexus journey in three words.

Camaraderie. Joint Vision. Marching Together.

Name a book you’d recommend that all Ambassadors should read.

“The 15 Irrefutable Laws of Growth” by John Maxwell





¤Plexus makes no guarantees on income, as such representations may be misleading. Your success depends on your efforts, commitment, skill and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Please see the Plexus Annual Income Statement.

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