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July 12, 2018

Hey Ambassadors! Do you have at least one Ambassador in your downline? If so, then congratulations; you are a sponsor! Some people may be wondering about what is expected of a Plexus® sponsor, so this week, we’re offering you some tips on how to help support your downline and grow a healthier business.

Sponsor Requirements

Since Ambassadors are independent contractors and not employees of Plexus, you decide on the type of support you will provide to your downline; however, Plexus does expect a Sponsor to provide some support for their Level 1 Ambassadors. This depends on you to know what your downline needs. It can be Facebook messages, texts, or phone calls to introduce yourself. It can mean answering the questions posed by your Level 1, or, if you are not sure how to answer, informing them where they may get the information. It can also mean, as some people provide, weekly meetings, calls, or Zooms with your team to check upon them.

What you do is up to you, as long as it is clear that you are supporting those that you sponsor.

Offer Support

It’s always a great practice to reach out to your team before they reach out to you. Starting your team out on the right foot can prevent problems from cropping up later. When you receive an email from Plexus about someone who’s joined your team, go ahead and provide them with some helpful information, or even point them in the direction of some valuable Plexus resources in the Virtual Office, such as the Sharing Plexus section, which contains great product information and easy social media shareables to quickly start sharing.

For example, you could provide them with handouts in the Virtual Office, like the handy-dandy Compliance Quick Tips Brochure, which provides a quick overview of some of the regulatory standards that Ambassadors are expected to meet. You could also reach out to see if they’ve received a copy of the Plexus Compensation Plan and the most recent Income Disclosure Statement and answer any questions they may have about the business. Lastly, get them geared up for their journey down the Plexus Rank Up Roadmap™, which will be a key tool they can use for each step of the way.

Just recently, Plexus has reintroduced the “You’ve Got Money” emails that you will receive when a new person joins your team. We encourage you to use this as a trigger for you to reach out and congratulate them on joining our wonderful community and begin building their trust and support with you as their sponsor.

Remember that each time someone joins your team, they are saying they believe in you and what you’re doing. By being patient, helpful, and attentive you have the opportunity to build a legacy team.

For the full language of the Plexus Policies regarding Sponsor support and training, refer to Section 3C of the Plexus Policies and Procedures. Do you have any questions about your responsibilities as a Plexus sponsor? Send them on over to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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