Throwback Thursday – Convention Moments

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July 12, 2018

We are excited to give you a taste of the Convention highlights by showcasing some of our favorite moments from the event! Be sure to stay tuned to the Scoop and the Plexus® Ambassador Community Facebook group in the upcoming weeks, as we will be releasing more Convention videos! They will also be available on our Youtube Channel.*

One Plexus Award Recipients

This year, we selected two One Plexus Award recipients to join this exclusive group of inspirational Plexus leaders. These Ambassadors were chosen because they exemplify three of our core values as One Plexus: Belief, Partnership, and Taking Action. Congratulations to Diamond Ambassadors Sara Marble and Jenn Hawkins!

In appreciation for everything they do, these Ambassadors were awarded $5,000 for themselves, $5,000 to the charity of their choice, an invite to 2018 Leaders Retreat, and the exclusive opportunity to visit our One Plexus headquarters in Arizona and speak to our employees.

Watch the One Plexus Award announcement and hear from Sara and Jenn in these special Convention videos below.

Sara Marble

Jenn Hawkins

Keep an eye out for the next Throwback Thursday Convention video in next week’s Scoop!


*Please note, these videos will be randomly selected and not all Convention videos will be released. 

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