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July 12, 2018

Have you spread the word about the Plexus® Get Lean this Summer Challenge yet? If you’re looking for a way to stay motivated as you continue working toward your nutrition and fitness goals, this is it! There’s still plenty of time to join in on the fun, so grab your friends and ‘get lean this summer’ the best way–with a chance to earn amazing prizes!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep focused on maintaining healthy habits, especially when summer vacations and get-togethers come along. We get it. So, we’ve got your back with a great lineup of effective workout videos and delicious recipes. Plus you’ll have a chance to win prizes along the way, including the grand prize of $1,500 USD!

It’s Workout Time!

We decided to share a little sneak peek of what’s available in the Plexus Fit Squad Facebook Group to help you get your workout on! With a little help from trainer Kelli, try these four 60-second exercises that target each muscle group. Start with three sets, and if you’re feeling up for a challenge, work your way up to five!

Workout Breakdown:
1️⃣ Skater jumps: 60 seconds
2️⃣️ 2 curtsey lunges + 1 back lunge high knee: 30 seconds each leg
3️⃣️ Burpee + pushup + shoulder tap: 60 seconds
4️⃣️ Side plank dips: 30 seconds each side

🔹Skater jumps: Step side to side.
🔹2 curtsey lunges + 1 back lunge high knee: When bending your knee, go down to your comfort level.
🔹Burpee + pushup + shoulder tap: Keep your hands on a platform/elevated, step back one foot at a time, no pushup or pushup from knees, no jump.
🔹Side plank dips: Keep one knee on the ground.

You can enjoy this video and so much more when you become a part of the Fit Squad community and join the Get Lean this Summer Challenge. The challenge is open to all Ambassadors and Customers, so don’t forget to have your teammates, family, and friends participate with you! Be sure to check out the official contest rules for all the details.

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