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July 27, 2018

Get ready and get excited. Within the next year, we will be releasing a new app: Lexi by PlexusM 2.0! We’ve been innovating and implementing feedback from you to create a more effective app.

Here are some questions you may have about Lexi 2.0:

Question — Is this an updated version of Lexi by Plexus 1.0?
Answer — Lexi 2.0 will be a completely new app build, not an updated version of 1.0.

Question — Will we have access to the same features as 1.0?
Answer — Lexi 2.0 will have many of the same features as 1.0, including the Tracks and Media Library.

Question — What enhancements are being made for Lexi 2.0 compared to Lexi 1.0?
Answer — Group creation and messaging, faster bug fixes, simpler navigation, ability to edit and permanently save edits to Tracks, more effective onboard training, mass contact uploads, an incredible UI design, and more. We also are looking into Group Track and Build-Your-Own-Track features for future releases.

Question — When exactly will Lexi 2.0 be released?
Answer We have not set an exact release date yet. We are currently testing Lexi 2.0 to work out bugs and refine features, which is a process we don’t plan to rush. Our hope is to release Lexi 2.0 the end of this year.

If you have any questions or suggestions for Lexi 2.0, let us know by filling out this survey! You can also follow the development on the Lexi Facebook Page.

Keep up all the incredible things you do!

~The Lexi by Plexus Team

posted 12 months ago

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