Simple Tips on How to Share Success From Home Magazine

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July 27, 2018

Why share SUCCESS From Home? It could be the inspiration your potentials and team need to grow in their Plexus® journey!

How do you introduce SUCCESS From Home? Diamond Ambassador, Nici Hinkel, and Diamond Ambassador, Melissa Eickenhorst, walk you through simple words to say in this video.


  1. Read the stories and make a list of people who would benefit from reading the stories and Plexus features.
  2. Take SUCCESS From Home with you! You never know when it could come up in a conversation.
  3. Mail it with a product sample, brochures, your business card, and add a sticky note to the pages you want your friend to read.
  4. As you look at your 64 Contacts List, think of who you want to share SUCCESS From Home magazine with.

Download “Read it. Share it. Live it.” for more great tips on how to share SUCCESS From Home.

Ambassador Training Team

posted 12 months ago

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