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August 3, 2018

Need the inside scoop on how to use social media for your business? Summer of Social is here!

We’ve partnered with Plexus® leaders and an expert social media strategy company, Convince + Convert, to create the Summer of Social Media Training Series—bringing you the latest updates for building your business on social.

What do you need to know to ensure your content gets noticed? What are the latest social media updates from Facebook and Instagram that could affect your business?

We’ll address these questions in the coming weeks, but first, let’s dive into an important Facebook update.

Personal Profile vs. Business Page

Did you know it’s against Facebook’s terms to use your Personal Profile for commercial use? This can include posting about your Plexus business. Facebook has been quietly testing ways to encourage users to create a Business Page when talking about products or business on Facebook and Instagram posts.

Social media users can expect to see a shift in allowing people to use their Personal Profiles for their business as Facebook is trying to get more people to stick to doing business through their Business Page. Rest assured, there are tons of fun and creative ways to leverage your Business Page to share your content—and, most importantly, get it seen!

What does this mean for you?

We’re dedicating the next four weeks to sharing some of the latest updates from Facebook and Instagram, as well as helping you build your business on social media with the right tools.

To avoid any limitations to your Plexus business, it’s important to set up Facebook and Instagram Business Pages. In coming weeks, we’ll teach you how to create a Facebook Business Page to help you make the most of social media tools and features. As well as share training on establishing your personal Plexus brand; optimizing and leveraging Pages, Profiles, and Groups; using Instagram Stories and IGTV; and more!

Now for a few Instagram updates:

Last month, Instagram shared “behind the scenes” details on their algorithm, and the three main factors that affect how your content gets noticed. These three factors include: 

  1. How much interest the user has in content like yours.
  2. How recent your post was posted — Newer content gets priority over older posts.
  3. The relationship between the user and the person sharing the content. Your core engaged audience will continue to see more of your posts, so try to keep your followers engaged with likes and comments.

You may have noticed other updates from Instagram including the following new features:

IGTV – Introducing a brand-new content channel for longer videos and storytelling.

Topic Channels – Found in the Explore section on Instagram, Topic Channels lets you dive deeper into interests and topics you’ve already engaged with. Be sure to use hashtags to help your content get found in the Topic Channels.

Video Chat Feature – Allows friends to call each other face-to-face in a direct message thread. This is a great feature if you spend a lot of time on Instagram.

We want to help you rock your biz on social media! Stay tuned for more articles on our Summer of Social training and check out the Facebook Plexus Ambassador Community Group for social media training from Plexus leaders and business coaches. We kicked off this morning with training from Diamond Ambassador Jerit Abart. If you missed it, check out his video below.

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