Diamond Ambassadors, Welcome Aboard the Leaders Retreat Cruise!

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August 9, 2018

The ship for Leaders Retreat 2018 is setting sail this October and will be filled with Ambassadors who worked hard to earn their spot, along with 16 Diamond Ambassadors. These Diamond Ambassadors will be aboard to meet with up and coming leaders to provide training and leadership. This seasoned group of Ambassadors is comprised of Plexus® Advisory Board members, One Plexus Award winners, Convention Contest point earners positions #8 and #9, and a current qualifying Diamond Ambassador Wife and Husband couple. They are sure to rock the boat with their presence and we are looking forward to having them there!

Sheila Medina

Jerit Abart

Jenn Hawkins

Helen McFadden

Melissa Eickenhorst

Celeste Gwynn

Jessica Hefley

Sara Marble

Jeddie Harrison

Cheyenne Weable

Amy Kosmalski

Coach Ronnie Cuevas

Bridget Ryan

Megan Goff

Brenda & Delvin Martin

posted 12 months ago

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