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August 23, 2018

Did you know that Lexi by PlexusTM sends content backed by science? Let’s learn how this is done.

Lexi sends scheduled messages that are designed to help move your contacts to their next level. These messages work in a system we call a Track. Lexi has Tracks that help prospects explore and purchase products, customers use and reorder products, and Ambassadors learn and practice business skills. Lexi helps people get “on the track” to reach their next level.

How does Lexi help people reach their next step?

This is where scientific knowledge comes in. Lexi Tracks use 4 Methods of Behavior Change to make change easier: Environmental, Social, Psychological, and Neurological Methods.

  • Environmental: The Environmental method means creating a setting that facilitates action. For example, the Joyōme Customer Track instructs customers to place Joyōme® in the bathroom next to their toothbrush. This makes Joyōme more visible and accessible to remember to use it.
  • Social: Social is how we create a social influence that facilitates action. For example, the Joyōme Customer Track reminds you (the Ambassador) to check in with your customer after their first week of Joyōme. This is a great opportunity to validate your customer’s decision to use Joyōme which is only going to encourage them to use it more.
  • Psychology: We use the Psychology method to direct people’s thinking patterns into productive directions. For example, the Customer Tracks use excitement to help the customer feel motivated to use the products.
  • Neurology: The Neurological method is how we make messages memorable and habit building. Messages in the Customer Tracks help customers remember to use the products and create a routine for using it.

These examples are not comprehensive, as we regularly use a variety of different methods in each track to ensure it’s most effective for you and your customers.

If you have any questions about Lexi, please reply to this 1-question survey. We would love to share answers in a future Scoop. Or you can visit the Lexi webpage.

-The Lexi by Plexus® Team

posted 11 months ago

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